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So far so good. Aside from the annoyance of scrolling through old photos and albums I no expensive than backing up files locally — there just doesn't seem to be  Oct 18, 2017 Select “Local Storage,” and then select “Change Location. A new "Store Album Locally" setting saves copies of an album's photos on your hard drive. It’s where my photos live. After importing a photograph to Lightroom CC, the program uploads the photo to the cloud but it also keeps a copy on the hard drive. I prefer images to stay in my LAN, so iCloud storage isn't my preference. There is not way to stop it from storing photos in the cloud. I had hoped I could use flickr as the central store (at least for jpg) but not if I can't reorganise them easily on the flickr site. The first setting I use is located within the Lightroom for mobile app. This is the upgrade that we all expected — a very traditional continuation of Adobe’s current product line. Lightroom Classic CC: Monthly Lightroom Classic CC subscription includes Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC which is very convenient for professional use. Lettere organisering i Lightroom CC. “This car isn’t missing wheels; it’s just streamlined!” Lightroom for iOS Now Available to All Users, No Longer Requires Creative Cloud Subscription Thursday October 8, 2015 11:04 AM PDT by Juli Clover Use Lightroom's export option to export the files to your external drive. This is a pretty big problem since I would need to import my images into both programs. The plug-in automatically downsizes images locally before uploading them to Animoto, resulting in a fast, easy upload process. Export Dialog: improved the layout. I'll give it a look, but I am not sure it will help me. Right-click the desired album and choose Store Album Locally from the contextual menu. Get started on your creative journey with the best in creative education taught by world-class instructors. and gives me time to back up files locally before removing The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan: the most comprehensive photography solution at an incredible price. And how many other programs you are using. You’ll find a new “Store Album Locally” setting that tells Lightroom to keep an original copy locally Store Albums Locally. May 1, 2019 Lightroom Classic – Desktop Editing & Local File Storage . If you have any additional questions or concerns, please add them to the comments section below. the synced album and selected “Store Album Locally” to download the original files to  Jun 14, 2019 Lightroom CC switches to an album nomenclature, but albums work . ” This will Albums: These are analogous to collections in Lightroom Classic CC. They are  Keep a Lightroom catalog on a local drive and manually copy the catalog between multiple computers, while storing photographs on an internal/external drive or  Feb 20, 2019 This is the Adobe Lightroom CC Updates Archives for Lightroom Guy. It’d be great to tell Lightroom to ignore the cloud, and just save locally. DNG files are different from camera proprietary RAW as they store the raw data and the edits applied. Adobe Keep an album's photos locally for offline editing; Show album  Oct 15, 2018 It's also the heart of Lightroom's options for sharing albums or Any photos stored in iCloud Photo Library that aren't on the local disk when the  Aug 22, 2018 Notably, Lightroom CC for iOS will feature the Depth Map Support The first new feature is called "Store Album Locally," which allows you to  Oct 25, 2017 So when I shoot a DNG with my iPhone, it automatically downloads to my local storage at work, as long as Lightroom Classic is running. If you want to keep a copy of all your photos locally in addition to in the Cloud, go to Adobe Lightroom CC > Preferences (MacOS) or Edit > Preferences (Windows) and click Local Storage. It has a beautifully huge display. The Import Workflow in the new Lightroom CC has but a single option – choose to import to an existing Album or not. Jun 6, 2019 In Lightroom desktop, learn how to save photos locally and download Storing an album locally allows you to edit photos in that album even  I am just getting started with LR (non-classic) on Windows. There are lots of ways to get your “WP/LR Sync (Lightroom Sync)” has been translated into 2 locales. 99). However, if the images are also stored locally, it allows you to view and edit them even when you have no network connection. With new iPad app Photoshop Mix and the powerful Lightroom app for iPhone, Adobe's cloud-based photo suite is almost too good to be true. One of the biggest features missing from the release of Lightroom CC was the ability to easily store photos on your local hard drive. Lightroom empowers you to create beautiful photos while helping you become a better photographer. Lightroom CC Sensei Search: Describe your image and Lightroom Lightroom CC changed everything, now you can really work on your files both in the cloud and locally and it’s just a very well thought out application. One obvious limitation in Lightroom CC Classic’s Range Masking is that it can only work if there is a difference in color or luminance between the selected and unselected part of the image. The dehaze tool and local adjustments to the “whites” and “blacks ” sliders are only a few. Thanks for the suggestion of lightroom. I'm a happy camper. Lightroom CC v1. Here is a huge tip for Lightroom: if you make a change outside Lightroom, you will likely have problems in your catalogs. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful, yet intuitive photo editor. You can decide how much of your free hard drive space Lightroom can use to store RAW files. . Night Shift changes the display to a warmer white balance at night time to reportedly reduce eye strain and to Lightroom CC also drops Lightroom Classic CC’s rather ponderous multi-module workflow. Lightroom CC (not Lightroom Classic CC) stores your photos in the cloud, with an option to also store them locally on your hard disk. Store Album Locally Because Lightroom CC depends on an Internet connection, working offline or with a slow connection can be very frustrating. Adobe has updated Adobe Lightroom CC to version 1. I also have a laptop I use when traveling, or when I want to sit on the couch. Check out these Lightroom Presets and Brushes for artistic enhancement of your collection for that perfect look. Lightroom CC: Unlike iCloud Photo Library, Lightroom CC lets you manage storage very precisely, so you can explicitly choose which albums should be stored locally and which should remain in the cloud until you call them down. Price: I can also, if I have photos in there, I can tell it to store them locally. Remember, Lightroom CC works by keeping a full resolution of the photo in the cloud and then the Adobe servers update your desktop/laptop or mobile device by keeping low resolution proxies files on the Uploading Images from Lightroom to Flickr. Lightroom knows when you delete photos or galleries from SmugMug. With all the originals downloaded to my laptop, I will be able to edit them in Lightroom CC and open them in Photoshop for the class. STEP 1 — Set up an “Import Album”: First, open Lightroom CC on your tablet. I’m using it on an iPhone, but this works on both mobile platforms. 99 or $19. The images that you have imported into Lightroom are located where you asked for them to be placed when you imported them into Lightroom. You can choose to store them locally too, but Lightroom CC is based around online storage. You can now share and invite others to view or contribute to an album. Create a main Folder for your event. The first new feature is called "Store Album Locally," which allows you to save original copies of an album's photos locally, which is helpful mostly for those traveling to places with slow to no When the originals completed uploading to the cloud I opened Lightroom CC on my Laptop, right clicked on the synced album and selected “Store Album Locally” to download the original files to my Laptop. Hvis vi starter med Lightroom CC, kan du se frem funktionen Store Album Locally. The features to help you keep your photos organized may not be as robust, but there are lots of steps that you can take to keep your catalog squeeky clean. 1,000 RAW photos previously synced but not stored on a local drive,  Mar 5, 2018 Lightroom CC has finally grown into a competent photo editor, one that Makes sense: Adobe wants to sign you up for paid cloud storage plans, after all. Doing it Manually. You only need to connect to the Internet once every 99 days to validate your membership. So how do these two different Lightrooms compare? We explore the key differences in our Adobe Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic But in Lightroom CC, all your photos are stored online by Adobe. Once the Animoto plug-in for Lightroom is downloaded and installed, clicking the “export” button within Lightroom allows all images from a Lightroom album to be sent directly to Animoto, populating a new video project. As it is now, Lightroom Mobile is a solid alternative to iCloud Photo Library for editing and photo management which, for a third-party app, is quite an achievement. There is an option in the Export dialog that lets you automatically import exported images back into the catalog. the only output choices are to save as JPG to local storage, as an  But I prefer to keep my Lightroom for camera pictures only, and let iPhoto take You now have an over-the-air syncing album which can be added to from any to pull from your Photo Stream, iPhoto and Aperture libraries and any local folder. This is a great option for anyone using Lightroom CC on the go. Yesterday, we talked about the idea that we don't wanna spend space that we don't need to spend. Do I have to store all of my photos in the Adobe Cloud and pay for all of that storage space in order to use Lightroom CC? Join Jared Platt for Lesson 3: Lightroom CC- Interface Tour of Lightroom Classic CC for the Professional Photographer on CreativeLive. Once loaded from the server, album information is stored locally for quick access. Unfortunately, the database system that Lightroom runs on (SQLite) limits the catalog to be used on a single computer, on a locally attached drive. Lightroom CC for desktop is catching up to the mobile apps with the ability to store the contents of an album locally for editing while offline. Show album membership in the Info Panel Lightroom CC for Windows and Mac OS now has a new “Store Album Locally” setting which allows users to save original copies of that album’s contents locally. Jan 8, 2019 Hi, I'm in the 7 day trial of Lightroom CC for PC/Win 10 and have easily created several albums. In other words, if I can't go from Apple to Google while preserving album structure, but I can go from Apple to XYZ to Google, I'm happy to do that even if I have to buy a license for the intermediary. They make your photo editing effective, efficient and easy while helping you stay organized. They will copy the data to their server locally, which prevents you from having to upload all that data over your home Internet connection. This plugin works in Lightroom Classic, and older versions as far back as Lightroom 3, though some features depend on the version of Lightroom. 5. You can select to store them locally too, but Lightroom CC is based around online storage. But being a laptop user, my large archives are all kept on an external 2. I will continue do most of my global editing in Lightroom, Photoshop remains my choice for most local adjustments. If you want to work on your iPad without internet access, be sure to select images or albums to store locally that you want to work on before you lose that internet access. On this computer here, we have 100% of our photos that we put into Lightroom CC are on our hard drive here, and they're also going up to the cloud as a backup. The first is to simply export the photos from Lightroom as you normally would, open Flickr in a web browser, and use the Flickr website’s upload Lightroom Classic CC is essentially an updated version of the Lightroom we know, but the new Lightroom CC is an entirely redesigned app designed to work alongside Adobe’s equally new cloud-based storage system. You can also select photos which aren't a part of any album, share them through an invite, and request others to contribute to the album. The Cloud version is still kept and is still considered the master version for the CC eco system. Dropbox doesn’t have the bells and whistles of something like Flickr. Screen shot of Lightroom CC Preferences. The new Lightroom CC does not support plug-ins; What We Don’t Know For Sure There are a TON of questions out there on the Internet along with lots of confusion. This plugin allows you to export images from Lightroom directly to your Google Drive account. Lightroom does not store your photos any where inside the program, but rather the images are stored on your local computer. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. I have been reading books on LR and they all say that you have to store things locally. Lightroom CC now includes the ability to store images in Albums locally which is great news for those of us who find ourselves in a location that has slow/low/no bandwidth internet connection and want to work on our images. Adobe Creative Cloud just got truly awesome (with 1 Again, if you store an album locally it is a copy of what is in the Cloud. You don't need an ongoing Internet connection to use them. Would there be any issue having Lightroom refer to my Onedrive Photos folder to access all of my photos? I have a Office 360 membership, so I have 400GB of photos located in the "pictures" folder. I now need to access all of my images from a specific album, so I'm happy that I have the option to right click and "Store Album Locally", but is it right that it will save the images only by date and not by the album they were part of? The first discovery that triggered my interest was that Lightroom CC edits photos locally and not on the cloud as I initially thought. Import options. Users can opt to pay online or in-store, depending on what the retailer allows. Just don't use Lightroom CC if you don't want your photos in the cloud. Open Lightroom CC's preferences and click the Local Storage option. 7. Watch a free lesson today. To purchase a one-time license for Lightroom it is $79. Lightroom users who install the plug-in can order through their existing LifePics account, or create a new account within the plug-in and order to the retailer that is most convenient. I simply titled mine as “0 – Imports” to make it easy to locate the files. This blue arrow icon on an Album thumbnail indicates Stored Locally is enabled. Organize and synchronize. You can now do that at the album level — a new “Store Album Locally” setting allows you to save original copies of that album’s photos on your local hard drive. If you scroll to the very bottom you’ll see a video that covers all those new features. This video #tutorial will go in-depth and advanced tools of Lightroom #app. I thought I figured out a work-around. Det er en funktion, vi sætter meget stor pris på. Unfortunately, I don't have all my images on one computer. The standard Photography Plan comes with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Photoshop CC, while the standalone Lightroom CC plan only includes the one app, but with 1TB of storage. . Storage is one area where creative cloud has taken off. The good news is that all your photos Quick question. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Lightroom CC uses albums instead of collections, but they are very similar. Unfortunately there is no global setting for this. It is most useful if you are running Lightroom CC for Desktop on a laptop com-puter while travelling and you are unsure if the bandwidth in your hotel room will Today, I want to tell you that this new Lightroom CC can be organized in an hour or less. This is crucial for phones and tablets, where storage space is often at a premium. เรียนรู้การทำงานกับ Lightroom CC ราคา 1750 บาท Lesson 46 Store Album Locally (1:19) Start Lightroom Presets and brushes are designed to enhance the beauty of your photos in just a few clicks. I would use Lightroom CC as my primary catalog, and then I create a series of folders and albums and add my images to those albums. Choosing Lightroom Over iCloud Photo Library in iOS 10 pattern to how the service would store photos locally. Now, however, Adobe has essentially split Lightroom into two different applications. 5 drive, which is what I planned to do for LR. Lightroom 6. Photoshop Lightroom App – In-Depth And Advanced Tools Tutorial Over the time Adobe’s Photoshop #Lightroom app is getting better and batter. SIDE NOTE: This article talks about the changes in naming for Lightroom. Hope someone can help. Can I use the software on one more computer ? Lightroom CC will now let you save an album’s photos locally for offline editing. On the other hand, the new Lightroom CC is entirely different. Feb 4, 2019 Sync Images From Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC . Added by Previous Export is a collection of those images that were most recently added to the Lightroom catalog as they were exported from Lightroom. This allows you to export compressed files like JPG, loss-less files like TIFF or if you want to keep the raw files you could export DNG files. Info Button – now displays an Album panel Did the name of the desktop version of Lightroom change? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is the renamed version of the Lightroom application you have used in the past, and it is optimized for desktop-focused workflows, including local storage of your photos in files and folders on your computer Lightroom is a mingblowingly glorious editing tool for digital photography. 5 – August 2018 Update Store Album Locally – enables all images within an album to be kept locally when needed for off-line editing. 18 months ago Farzad_K says: I had a look on Lightroom now, and it seems like sync is only possible by using a "creative cloud"? I don't want to upload all my photos to any Apple/Adobe/NSA server and will never do this, so is there any way to do a local sync to have these photos on my iPad as album in photos? Adobe has renamed Lightroom to Lightroom Classic and introduced a new product that now bears the name Lightroom CC. Create an Album within this folder and give it a title. The Koken Publish Service for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides one way syncing between Lightroom and Koken. Here are some of the more common questions we’ve seen. How Lightroom works: Where it keeps your images and presets, and how to back up Lightroom doesn’t store your One of Lightroom’s many advantages is that you can create a preset for just The new “Store Album Locally” setting allows you to save original copies of that album’s photos locally and is especially helpful when traveling in areas with limited or low bandwidth internet connections. The Onedrive folder is synced to a secondary hard drive in my PC. Interested in development? Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. The import dialog is pretty bare bones right now. The interface on Lightroom Classic is exactly the same as the interface in the older versions of Lightroom. Under “Advanced Options” you would make the decision to store ALL originals locally (they remain in the Nevertheless, in Lightroom CC, all your photos are stored online by Adobe. Of course, the term “streamlined” is often used to mask shortcomings. 5, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to version 7. Use #3 The Album context menu has a “Store Album Locally” setting (see Figure 5). Lightroom CC is a streamlined appeal to the sort of people who use Apple’s Photos (and Google Photos): those who want to store and edit their photos with a minimum amount of friction. You can also use Lightroom as part of the Creative Cloud, which vary in cost depending on included programs. It will ask if you want to remove them locally (Sync Folders and Galleries) or create them again (Republish). Lightroom allows you to experiment on photographs without limits in a nondestructive editing environment. But it’s not all perfectly. From this setting, Lightroom will attempt to strike a balance between space saving and functionality. Export Dialog: new Quick Filter feature which enables you to search albums using a text string. Three Handy Collections Synced and Backed up – photos that have synced across the Lightroom CC ecosystem AND are stored in the cloud (these are photos that were either created in Lightroom CC or were imported as full resolution photos into Lightroom CC) Original Stored Locally – You can opt to store the photos in an Album (collection) locally for editing while offline Thanks Rob! I’m looking at making the jump to Lightroom from Aperture 3, which does store my images in the program. Overall, it’s a good idea to store your photos and videos in the cloud along with having a local backup copy. If you use PicasaWeb, you should migrate away immediately. Also important: make sure the Night Shift and True Tone features on the iPad are both off. Adobe Creative Cloud makes it easy to create and collaborate freely, so your creativity can flow when and where inspiration strikes. What Photo Edit Software do You Use? in RAW, Post Processing & Printing If there are intermediaries I can use, I'm open to it. Hence, simultaneously accessing a single catalog with multiple machines is not supported and will not work. I still miss some things but I’m pretty sure Adobe will add this to the future releases. Turn on Store Locally to enable editing when away from WiFi. Within the Lightroom for mobile app I designated one album (collection on Lightroom Classic) to be my “camera roll” that collects all of the photos I take with other camera apps on my mobile device. New Album Dialog: Now you can apply the name of the currently selected folder or collection with a single click. You are a lifesaver! I am a newbie both to DSLR and Lightroom. Oct 18, 2017 A slider lets you determine how much local storage can be used by Lightroom CC, so you can choose to completely free up local space on your  Nov 3, 2017 When you import files to Lightroom on your computer, Dropbox first stores them all locally on your computer hard drive, just like usual. My folder for this trip was titled “SE Asia 2018”. If you don’t use this cloud storage and editing solution, let me show what are you missing. While browsing, they can also see Lightroom is a catalog program and it references where your images are stored on disk – it doesn’t actually store your images. Any photo can be dragged into an Album from the 'My Photos' panel on the left  Install the SmugMug Lightroom plug-in Install with Creative Cloud (LR Classic The latest version auto-updates and should keep your workflow running smoothly It will ask if you want to remove them locally (Sync Folders and Galleries) or  Aug 20, 2018 Adobe's Lightroom CC is the best app for making your images look their so you can explicitly choose which albums should be stored locally  Jan 16, 2018 flickr album descriptions get erased on Publish to Flickr 0 replies Lightroom CC (not Lightroom Classic CC) stores your photos in the cloud, with an option to also store them locally on your hard disk. By right clicking and choosing Show Parent Folder, we can see the outer folder and can now add more subfolders based on the naming structure we decided on: 02_SELECTS, 03_Finals, 04_Creatives, 05_Blog, 06_Album, 07_Print. I'm not necessarily looking for a 64-bit app, as this MacBook Pro will stay on High Sierra until it gives out. I have an iMac I use at home for my main editing. I have a set of structures in Lightroom CC like Folders/Albums. Adobe Lightroom CC Re-Imagines the Interface. Jun 25, 2019 In terms of cloud storage, Lightroom is also pricey compared with other services. It has very little to do with any product that Adobe has Make a book or magazine with Blurb integrations for Adobe Lightroom, whether you’re using Classic or CC. But then, it wasn’t built primarily for photos. 5 and Adobe Camera Raw to version 10. If you’re using Lightroom to organize and process your images locally, there are two ways to get your photos from Lightroom to Flickr. Setup collections, add images, and publish. Victoria, on the blog they say this about the new feature: The new “Store Album Locally” setting allows you to save original copies of that album’s photos locally and is especially helpful when traveling in areas with limited or Lightroom Classic is installed locally on your computer. I was under the impression that if I wanted to store an "album" locally, it would only  In the Local Storage preferences, you have the option of changing how much of your available disk space Lightroom  Missing from Lightroom CC was storing photos on your local drive. The bad news is that this storage costs money. This ensures original copies of the album’s photos are stored locally on your computer. Highlight the photo in Lightroom and view them under the Comments panel (located on the right in Lightroom's Library module). The updates bring along a collection of new features, squash a few bugs, and add support for three new cameras and eight new lenses. Translate “WP/LR Sync (Lightroom Sync)” into your language. Everything happens within the same window, so that if you double-click an image to edit it, it opens in the same window with the album or search results you were browsing shown in a horizontal filmstrip at the bottom. I do already have Lightroom, within which I keep all my professional libraries. The idea behind the new Lightroom CC is that it is much more tightly integrated into working with Adobe’s Creative Cloud when compared to Lightroom CC Classic. I spent days uploading all of my images to Lightroom with Creative Cloud. I was hoping to keep the last 2-3 weeks of photos in desktop or laptop, moderately-complex, paid, stored on a local machine Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a desktop application for the organization and manipulation of digital photographs. How to save photos in Lightroom CC 2017: if you want to store photos on your computer as well as in the cloud, this is the process to use. This way, you can easily access all your desired photos in one place. This plugin allows you to export images from Lightroom directly to your Google PicasaWeb (AKA “Google Photos”) account. There is not way to stop  You'll find a new “Store Album Locally” setting that tells Lightroom to keep an original copy locally, which can be useful for people who often pass through areas . Using Lightroom CC Classic with Dropbox for a Great Cloud Experience Dropbox first stores them all locally on Answering Your Questions on Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and More I’d like to address some of the concerns from our Lightroom community after yesterday’s announcements . g. Just right-click on any Album and choose “Store Album Locally Album enhancements for Lightroom CC. This made it really simple for me to be able to export my photos out of Aperture and know where I can store them to be able to find them when I open Lightroom. Place your photos into layouts using built-in premade layouts, or customize your own for your photo book or magazine Lightroom CC will now let you save an album’s photos locally for offline editing. Show album membership in the Info Panel Album enhancements for Lightroom CC. Den giver dig mulighed for at gemme et helt album lokalt, så du kan arbejde, selv om du ikke er på nettet. Huh? Most of us have more than one computer we work on our photos with. I'd actually love to use Lightroom CC as a replacement for Apple Photos for managing all my iPhone photos and keep it all in the Lightroom ecosystem but new Lightroom & Lightroom Classic not sharing same local storage completely destroy any chance of this ever happening. Includes 20GB of cloud storage. You’ll find a new “Store Album Locally” setting that tells Lightroom to keep an original copy locally, which can be useful for people who often pass through areas with limited or no Internet for connecting to the cloud. The good news is that all your photos are available everywhere at their full resolution and in their original format. But over the years, the developers have added a few nice touches for sharing images that now make it one of the easiest, quickest, and most reliable ways to share photos. The main difference in two plans is the difference in the Cloud storage’s size (20 GB or 1 TB) and, accordingly, the price ($9. FREE FEATURES • PRESETS: Make dramatic changes to your photos with our single touch photo editor Sure, there’s a way to save a local copy of your photos in Lightroom, but they’re still synced to the cloud unless you go album-by-album and tell it otherwise. Remember, Lightroom CC works by keeping a full resolution of the photo in the cloud and then the Adobe servers update your desktop/laptop or mobile device by keeping low resolution proxies files on the Keep an album’s photos locally for offline editing; Show album membership in the Info Panel; Local Albums. Back to Top. The first problem is that Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic do not use the same catalog. When I first saw the prototype of Lightroom at a focus group of pro photographers hosted by Adobe, it was a fairly straightforward application Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Mar 5, 2018 Adobe's new Lightroom CC application is a streamlined sibling to . Lightroom CC has finally grown into a competent photo editor, one that syncs your photos and adjustments across all of your devices. However, Lightroom did get some new features and enhancements. Will Lightroom store the high-res images onto a server? I'd be fine with Photos if it will not store high-res images locally. You can organize your Lightroom collection with albums, star ratings, . The photos featured on the video: Choosing between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC means a $10 monthly subscription either way. Available with seamless streaming across your devices. I would like to store those new albums locally  CC should allow us to store originals locally in the folder structure of our choice, just as we E. Can the new iPad Pro measure up to a computer and support a full professional photography workflow with Adobe Lightroom CC? Here's what I found out about importing, cloud storage, and photo management after I put Apple's latest and greatest to the test. Lightroom is a cloud-based service with three device-based apps: desktop, mobile and web. To share and invite Lightroom CC stores your original photos for you in the Cloud. Click the checkbox Store a copy of all originals locally. A single click inside Lightroom creates web-optimized images from your Lightroom originals, uploads them to Koken's Library, then updates your live site. Thanks much, Rafael. Learn how below. I don’t think Lightroom is ready to provide a fully mobile workflow yet, but it’s getting there, and improving at a steady clip. lightroom store album locally

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